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For the Father's Bundle

For the Father's Bundle

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Girl-dads, boy-dads, dog-dads, soon-to-be dads, granddads, neighbor dads... whatever title he holds, we've put together the ultimate bundle for him. We know he's special, and that's why we're including a brand-new cut - the Pork Steak - cut from the pork shoulder, it has the most tender meat.

Our special bundle includes:

  • 1 pork steak (may be bone-in or boneless)
  • 2 packs of thick-cut pork chops (2 chops per pack)
  • 2 packs of smoked bacon
  • 1 pack of Original Smoked Brats
  • 1 pack of Honey BBQ pork sticks

Maybe he likes other meat stick flavors? Or spicy brats? Click here to add individual items to your gift bundle!

Want to send it directly to a dad? During checkout, leave a note in the comment box and we'll include it with the bundle.

We'll be glad to hold your bundle for a different week too, just let us know in the checkout comment box.