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Stensland Creamery

We're excited to offer Stensland Creamery ice cream, along with family farm meat, and deliver it all to your door, nationwide!

Stensland Family Farms is a family dairy in northwest Iowa, near Larchwood - about an hour southwest of Fulda Minnesota, and fifteen minutes southeast of Sioux Falls South Dakota. The Stensland family operates a state-of-the-art 200 cow dairy, complete with robotic milkers, and recently built an on-farm creamery. The fresh A2 dairy milk is used for bottled milk, ice cream, aged cheese and cheese curds. What makes Stensland Family Farms unique?

Single-Source Dairy

Stenslands grow the crops that feed their cows, and nurture the cows that produce the milk daily.

Natural Omega 3

Flax meal - naturally high in Omega 3 fatty acids - is fed to the cow herd as part of their meal.

A2 Protein

This is what makes Stensland's stand out from most dairies. All cows are selected for their A2 beta-casein protein genetics (versus A1). This A2 protein was found in cow's milk many years ago, but rare to find in modern day dairy. A2 proteins are usually easier for us to digest than A1.

"For years I figured I was lactose intolerant, after milk started to bother me in high school. Since finding Stensland's milk and ice cream, I can have as much as I want with no problems. All this time, it's likely been an intolerance to the A1 protein in commercial dairy milk, rather than lactose." - Austin Williams

Vat Pasteurization

Stensland's A2 dairy milk is processed more slowly by vat, or batch, pasteurization - it takes more time, but it keeps the "good" enzymes in the milk.

Non-GMO / No rBST

The Stensland cow herd is fed non-GMO forages and grain, treated for ailments naturally, and raised without any growth hormones.



Learn more about the Stensland family, their farm, and their cows: