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Our Farm

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Farming here since 1870

On May 15th, our ancestors were passing through Graham Lakes township in southwest Minnesota, and discovered the rich soils and lush tree groves. Our great-great-great-grandpa decided to plant his roots on this area’s fair land. We still farm the same piece of dirt today, and we're careful about how we grow our crops and livestock, so future generations can keep farming it.

Raising pigs differently

Since 2008, we've been feeding our pigs a smoothie-style meal of upcycled ingredients. Our pigs get their protein from locally-sourced brewer's grains, whey, soybean meal, and even truckloads of ice cream! The main ingredient - Richfeed - is patented by our dad, Rod, and brother, Tyson. We work together with our nutritionist to create a balanced meal that's healthy and easily digestible. Read more about the US Patent 10757958 here.

Offering premium, flavorful meat

By the nature of the pig's meal, our pork has additional marbling, holding in moisture and flavors. We work together with our nearby USDA-inspected meat processor to make sure we get the perfect cuts for you. And because it's federally-inspected, we can share it with the whole USA - we ship nationwide every Monday, and hand-deliver each week to local front doors.

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