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Tips For Grilling the Perfect Pork Chop


Do you crave the perfect pork chop but are afraid you’re going to overcook it? Fear not! We’ve put a list together of some tips we use that have helped us keep our pork chops staying juicy and full of flavor.


  1. Use a rub or seasoning to season your pork chops to add extra flavor.
  2. Set a timer so you don’t overcook your pork chops. This step is so simple but so so important. For our Fairland Farms pork chops we typically do ~7 minutes on the first side, and ~3-5 minutes after flipping (1 1/4 thick).
  3. Use a meat thermometer. This has helped me soo much when it comes to cooking meat! We take our chops off at 140°F and let them rest for a few minutes to finish cooking to 145°F.
  4. Try to only turn your pork chop once. The less you flip it, the more it holds in the juice.
  5. Use a spatula or tongs to flip your chop so you don’t poke it. If it gets poked, the juices will flow out leaving you with a dry chop.


Enjoy your juicy, delicious chops! 


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