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6 hours ago

My Biggest Secret to Perfectly Cooked or Grilled Meat

Wanna know my biggest secret to perfectly cooking or grilling meat?

I used to be so nervous cooking meat cause I didn’t want to overcook it but I also didn’t want it to be raw and I’d stress myself out over it every time. So, when we got married last year, I tossed a simple meat thermometer onto our Amazon registry not thinking too much of it. Since getting it, I use that thing  for every meal I make, and I seriously wouldn’t want to cook without it. Highly, highly recommend getting a meat thermometer if you don’t have one already. It’s life changing!

Here are my reasons why you should have one in your kitchen:

1. It’s inexpensive (mine is from Amazon for $11)

2. It’s super user friendly

3. it’s small and easy to tuck away when not using

4. It takes the stress out of cooking meat and makes it more enjoyable!

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